A talk with Sean Stone.

A talk with Sean Stone.

Fri, Aug 19, 2022, 7 PM UTC — 8:30 PM UTC.
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Interview with Sean Stone. Join us to explore how I came here and the nature of future-now-time biology. Examine the corona, light, water, sun, sound and the image; life beyond duality and non-duality; the key to the end of conflict on the planet; so called dark forces and the formation of their own source; the time before Earth existed; and where nature and the synthetic paradigm begin and end.

Event details.

This is a 90 minute, one-off Special event featuring a special guest in deeper conversation with me. 

  • Read the New to me? page first, before signing up.

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  • Last sign-up: 7:00pm UTC. There's no Specific focus or Q&A.
  • This event is pre-recorded and not live.
  • On the day be completely ready in advance. Stay aware of your own body and your own sense of self throughout the event. No need to change a thing, inside or outside. Sometimes you feel nothing, that is OK.

  • An email with your watch link will be sent approximately 24 hours before the event start or shortly after sign-up if this is less than 24 hours beforehand. This is also your rewatch link.

Recommended preparation: Deleting division & polarisation; In the beginning; Limitlessness & power; New Earth vs polarisation; Real silence 16; Reawaken 2; The breakdown of polarisation; The end of the slave self 4: sealing the exit; The synthetic & the natural.


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