Peace: the infrastructure of this universe.

May 4, 2020

This purification booklet from the October 2019 Silent Immersion Retreat brings forwards in you, the peace which is the infrastructure of this universe. Read about the First Beings of the Kalahari Desert, their relationship with animals, and the early history of this planet while you reconnect with nature through my words and photographs of South Africa.

Peace is in your bones and is the roar of your vitality. It is what holds you in the body, weaves through all material reality and what nourishes and supports from within. When we lose contact with the peace, we lose ourselves - and we are confined to meditation, yoga moves, and isolating ourselves in retreat in a vain attempt to get it back. The link we have lost is with nature: nature always moves with the peace, knows the peace, and is the great peace itself.

Many people speak of peace but do not know it. There are many words on peace in this world, but few actually carry the frequency of peace itself. In fact the word “peace” – a little like “love” – has been so cheapened it is barely taken seriously. Meanwhile a true experience of peace is irreplaceable. When we are deeply immersed in nature to the point where we are completely aligned with our source connection, our patterns fall away and we realise our deep interconnectedness with the animals, plants, water and rock of this incredible planet. Our history is tied up with the actual structure of this universe and the immense knowledge of the past which it holds.

Peace – true peace – is essential if we are to move towards the type of future we wish to see. But first we must know it inside ourselves and physically be able to intersect with it.

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Included: 1 pdf (26 pages including front & back cover).


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