Protection Purification Track mp3


Protection Purification Track mp3


A 14 min deadly efficient purification track which you can listen to over and over again while you are meditating, busy in the house, working or even sleeping to align more deeply with the source of your being and remove unwanted influences across 10 diverse categories.

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embodiment of your own source frequency at the higher levels

  • distinguishing between dark and light sources

  • understanding what psychic attack really is and what to do about it

  • when to repel and when to hold the space for unwanted energies

  • discerning spirits / entities / witchcraft frequencies / curse energy

  • how to spot alien signatures & what they are

  • practical steps of boundary/conflict management & speaking up

  • guiding sensitive children about energetic awareness, ghosts, spirits, etc

  • do's & don'ts around gurus, groups, ritual, spiritual paths & practices

  • the shadow side of sex magic, plant medicines & weed smoking

  • awareness of satanic, paedophile, blood & death signatures