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October 2019 Silent immersion retreat from South Africa

  • Wherever you are in the world (map)


My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary.


  • Each day: It does not matter what you are doing. You may be sleeping. Some people like to join me in the style of a mini-immersion: meditating; taking quiet time; or simply carrying on as usual.

  • Previous themes include: Self hatred; joy; pain, thought & time.

  • Some days you may feel tired: Take a bath or foot soak in up to 500g of ethically sourced pink himalayan salt; nothing else. Allow plenty of time for rest / reflection and try to have an early night.

  • To take your personal purification further: Read my Aftercare and Oracle pages.

  • Remember: the outcome of your purification is beyond my control: Your own self-healing capacity switches on and goes to your area of greatest need. This is governed by your source connection and is not always what you want or what you asked for … but is always exactly the right thing for you this moment. It will never be more than what you are ready for.

  • Sorry, I offer no personal advice or emotional support: You need to make your own decisions - that is the whole point - and there are many excellent healers, therapists and counsellors out there who can hold the space for you while you reconfigure on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

  • If you make a donation: There are no refunds. Please make sure you have read my Small print page before you join.

I notice that I don’t get annoyed so easily. There is more acceptance in my consciousness, therefore I allow more space for the other to be and me to be.
— M.R., April 2019
I have noticed lots of changes in response to those issues that I was struggling with. my arthritis is definitely ‘retreating’. My hands are much less painful and stronger and the misshapen areas around the thumb joints are much smaller. I am less concerned about what people think of me. I am doing more of what I want and less of what I don’t want.
— A.P., April 2019
The immersion was very strong and I’m feeling lots of shifts happening so thank you. 🙏❤️ My pregnancy continues to go well.. at my latest scan they reported that my cervix had grown by a whole centimetre and was back at avnormal length! 3 cm! They were very surprised and I was delighted. It seems all the healing is working!
— H.P., April 2019
The most important thing that diminished during the immersion was the fatigue I was suffering with over the past 2 years. I now have the energy to approach all of life’s offerings and challenges 🤗!! This month, during the immersion, so much has happened to me and as you said those around me. I have managed to come off antidepressants, found a voice to communicate my desires at work and my relationship with my partner and reignited my desire to help young people. In regards to the medication, I have found the strength to persevere during the worst part of the withdrawal process, despite having a couple of panic attacks. In regards to mine and my partner’s relationship, I would say has become more honest and we are more able to discuss issues rather than argue and jump to conclusions. I feel we now have more optimism about our future together, rather than being willing to separate at each obstacle. In regards to work, I have found a rational voice to be able to vocalise my concerns for our establishment towards those that lead it, which I hope has raised some thought towards action. In regards to my own small business, I have suddenly gained younger clients who I am really passionate about working with. Thank you for this amazing experience, it had its ups and downs but I am excited about what’s coming next rather than frightened.
— C.E., April 2019
I have remained sober for the most part except 2 times since December, and [during the Silent Immersion Retreat] I felt this need to make sure I was truly done with alcohol-I felt some tension around it, like if I am really done with it, there should be no power of it over me. I had some a few weeks back to make sure, and happily as I expected, my body completely rejected it. I didn’t like how it made me feel at all and contently realized that I am such a clear vessel and high vibration that it literally cannot resonate with me. So any power that it had over me is gone.
— J.H., April 2019
I am experiencing much more serenity and observing positive changes in others close to me. Specially one of my kids. Her situation has shifted dramatically for the better. So much.
— H.W., April 2019
Firstly I had a really deep clearing in relationship with my father. Within an hour of his eruption of anger, he called to apologise for his behaviour. I thanked him for his apology and said how much I appreciated it and the anger was gone to be replaced with a TRUE deep compassion for him. There was a strong desire to clear out my clothes, my life and have as little as possible. I also notice that I feel lighter, that my shoulders are not permanently up by my ears, I feel there is more space, I am more spacious. There is a feeling of being led back to what I perhaps know deep down.
— J.T., April 2019
The “charge” has gone...... the feeling of non-attatchment to the outcome, allowing the thoughts to flow....... is so freeing and liberating...... I now feel a part of the whole, worthy and that has been so empowring THANK YOU
— P.S., April 2019
I felt the beautiful energy of Source. The whole month helped me reconnect to a self which I feel I had lost somewhere along the years. I had several stark realizations of truth on those ah ha moments where I felt I could start to take a different route in my life so as to reduce stress, and create an easier more compatible life. It all seems so simple but I had lost something, a part of me and it’s all coming back including my strong intuition. I have also seen the return of [someone special] who I met years ago and it feels so good 💚 I am so utterly grateful for this reconnection 🙏 It’s like my whole life is slowing down so I’m more in my body.
— S.L., April 2019
The retreat was incredibly powerful. Words can’t express it. So much has shifted and of course now the changes are being felt powerfully in the physical realm and it’s just amazing. I feel like ive finally awoken from a long sleep. Everything makes more sense and clouds of confusion are quickly clearing now.
— B.P., April 2019
I ‘feel’ like a different person. More grounded in many ways, less fear, more in my body. Much more connection with my children!
— E.M., April 2019
I was amazed that during the whole ghastly experience [of being in hospital], I was able not to sink into negative depressive ‘poor me’ thinking.
— S.M., April 2019
I have noticed this thread continue - a letting go of control, and an ease with what to do next. I have felt less stressed, overwhelmed and contracted, and deeply trusting in what is unfolding. Instead of trying to work it out, control or predict where things are going, I feel a curious excitement about the way my path it opening up, and the path of the earth as a whole.
— I.M., April 2019
Thank you so much for the work you did on the Immersion. I was aware of pain leaving me. That seemed to be the turning point from when I felt very connected to my source energy. The energy has certainly shifted and I don’t have those feelings anymore in connection with my Dad. I feel much more positive and connected to my own source of love.
— A.F., April 2019
Thank you so much for April, Very many things changed and my health is improving... The most extraordinary thing was spending time with my dad after ten years and 45 years of an awful relationship full of hurt and pain and I forgave him. Also I am speaking to my brother again also after a long time and painful relationship and forgave him too , This was most unexpected and enabled me to spend time in our old family home in Portugal that I thought I would never visit again ,,,, it felt fantastic Thank you thank you Thank you
— D.G., April 2019
My work with you over the last year, and especially your focus during the last [Immersion] month, has allowed me to open my eyes. To see how I have accepted, and even sometimes encouraged, manipulation and domination. Also to see the times and places where I have myself acted out of this frequency and been manipulative myself, allbeit un-intentionally. My attitude towards myself and my creation has transformed. It’s as if I had lost the beleif in anything I would do or say and now it is back. I am able to speak up when it is neccessary. It really is huge.
— M.P., April 2019
Sine the immersion, I am much more aware of the energetics of my body, how being consumed with thoughts and emotions results in feeling heavy, tired and permeable. There is more discernment of when to embrace something uncomfortable and when to see it as a cue to change. I feel happier overall, no matter what. I am increasingly and more definitely in touch with the silent space where source connections floods in. I find it easier to disengage from thoughts at will. Pockets of no-thought. Just peace and quiet.
— A.P., April 2019
I feel much lighter now as if I have been cleansed and I don’t focus on what’s not relevant as much. I feel I have a renewal of energy.
— M.P., April 2019


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