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My gifts are freely given and any donation is entirely voluntary.


  • On the day: It does not matter what you are doing. You may be sleeping. Some people like to join me in the style of a mini-immersion: meditating; taking quiet time; or simply carrying on as usual.


  • You may feel tired: Take a bath or foot soak in up to 500g of ethically sourced pink himalayan salt; nothing else. Allow plenty of time for rest / reflection and try to have an early night.

  • To take your personal purification further: See my Aftercare and Oracle pages.


  • The outcome of your purification is beyond my control: Your own self-healing capacity switches on and goes to your area of greatest need. This is governed by your source connection and is not always what you want or what you asked for … but is always exactly the right thing for you this moment. It will never be more than what you are ready for.

  • Sorry, I offer no personal advice or emotional support: You need to make your own decisions - that is the whole point - and there are many excellent healers, therapists and counsellors out there who can hold the space for you while you reconfigure on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

  • If you make a donation: There are no refunds. Please make sure you have read my Small print page before you join.

Since the Immersion Support Group a big change has happened. A friend gave me the name of a natural horse lady. I rang her and she gave me the name of a lady who has a dormant horse sanctuary. I rang the lady and within less than a week I moved my horse to the sanctuary. We moved him on Monday. He has gone from the institutionalised and controlled environment of the racing yard where he was stabled 24/7. He is now in paradise, living out and being integrated into a small herd with the option of an open barn. Can’t believe it .... we are very happy! Thank you .......... a dream come true! We can now be together and learn from each other to show others a natural way with racehorses.
— A.F., May 2019
Earlier Event: 6 October
Later Event: 27 October