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Living without the past

  • Kennet Valley Hall, Lockeridge, Marlborough, SN8 4EL, UK (map)

In-person. Are we here to deal with family issues? To what extent are we confined by karma? How to navigate the spiritual marketplace when we get help? Join this 2 hour public talk to receive a group purification from me. Talk for the first 60 minutes; then discussion + Q&A. This event will be recorded. Pay on the day by card, PayPal, Apple/Google Pay or in cash. Door fee £20: no booking required.

After the incredible 4-moon period this year in January, we are in a planetary phase where we will no longer receive more family patterns to deal with and can focus on working with what we've got left. The burden is going down. How best to approach this? In this talk, Jacqueline will examine what we are really here for as the infinite beings that we actually are, which will not only re-perspectivises the whole subject of family patterns but exactly how to deal with them. In the middle of the talk there will be a specialist section on the subject of karma: what that really is and how else we could think of ourselves besides perhaps, just as someone living and dying over and over again. Finally we will pinpoint how to move forward with these new understandings if and when we decide to get help beyond ourselves.


Kennet Valley Hall is a powerful location for personal and planetary transformation. It lies in the central segment of a vesica piscis configuration, part of the "twin circles" of the Marlborough Downs. This includes the East Kennet Long Barrow, which directly links with Avebury Henge. This group will shift you into the next more expanded version of your being. People who attend will be ready for major shifts in their lives, linked with the Earth herself and the latest planetary frequencies available.



Later Event: August 7
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