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Your donation allows me to offer my gift all over the world, sometimes even for free, based purely on someone's need and regardless of their income. Decide your donation based on your feeling, taking your personal circumstances into consideration. Please note that if there is a door fee, this is to cover hire/staff costs and I receive a donation from whatever is collected.


Remote focus group. Wednesdays & Saturdays 4:30am-9:30am GMT. I focus on this group for 5 hours, working on each one of you individually. Ask me to start clearing your family patterns, personal issues and unwanted energies; or to resolve a specific problem. You can get help for yourself, someone else or a house/business clearing. You will receive a powerful group recording afterwards, which will continue to purify and transform you. This is the best way to get started with me.


You ring me. Get a check up or speak to me about a specific problem. I will focus on you or whoever you ask for 20 minutes - removing patterns, personal issues and any unwanted energies. I will give you the words you need to hear plus you can ask me questions. Telephone 121s are for going in laser sharp on particular issues or topics, just like a private session in person. Use these around regular attendance in the Reboot : Deep Clean groups. Simply get in touch to book your space.


Remotely. Emergencies only. Do you need help urgently today or on a specific date? Ask me to focus on you personally or on someone else within 24 hours or at a certain time. Once I see your donation email, I will reply with a thumbs up 👍 to show you I have started. Please note that with this option there is just my remote focus; no other contact; and absolutely no feedback. Make sure you then join the next Reboot : Deep Clean group to continue your purification and go in deeper.


Free session. Sundays 7:00pm-7:30pm GMT. No need to register. Sit down with the intention of joining me. I will be focusing on the space. Name a problem inwardly or what you would like to receive; you can add in someone else; then let go. Or simply be still and my focus will go to your place of greatest need. You can lie in the bath, go for a walk, meditate, or connect in if you are busy. Help is available regardless of your financial situation but if you wish to, you can still donate.