A focus at every event.

What you ask for, you receive, or something better.

All sessions are tailor-made. I can focus on you whether you are physically present or absent, whatever you are doing, whether you are awake, busy or asleep. My focus goes to your area of greatest need first: you can also mention specific issues. I can assist you or someone you know; a pet or animal; a house, business, land/estate, institution or place; someone you don't know; or even someone dead. It can be any problem physical, emotional, mental or spiritual: for an unborn, baby or young child; a teenager; an adult or someone in later years.


Your donation allows me to offer my gift all over the world, sometimes even for free, based purely on someone's need and regardless of their income. Decide your donation based on your feeling, taking your personal circumstances into consideration. Book any session on this page using the links supplied. You can also make a gift here to support my overall work.

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Remote focus group. Sundays 7:00pm-7:30pm GMT. Sit down with the intention of joining me and receive a purification. I will be focusing on the space. Name a problem inwardly or what you would like to receive; you can add in someone else; then let go. Or simply be still and my focus will go to your place of greatest need. You can lie in the bath, go for a walk, meditate, or connect in if you are busy. Help is available regardless of your financial situation but if you wish to, you can still donate.

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Remotely. Emergencies only. Do you need help urgently today or on a specific date? Ask me to focus on you personally or on someone else within 24 hours or at a certain time. Once I see your donation email, I will reply with a thumbs up 👍 to show I have started. Please note that with this option there is just my remote focus; no other contact; and absolutely no feedback.

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Remote focus group. Wednesdays & Saturdays 4:30am-9:30am GMT. I focus on this group for 5 hours, working on each one of you individually. Ask me to start clearing your family patterns, personal issues and unwanted energies; or to resolve a specific problem. Ask for help for yourself, someone else or to get a house/business clearing. You will receive a powerful group recording afterwards, which will continue to purify and transform you. This is the best way to get started with me.

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