Purification tracks

Breaking with the darkness: sexual trauma & control

Today’s purification track helps you to disengage with what is “wrong" and return to the centre of the maze where all you find is that fully potent “you.” Let go of false projects and trajectories in favour of more deeply aligning with your own natural luminosity, so you more quickly rebuild along that positive axis, where all is success and real change.

Relying on yourself

Today’s purification track helps you to negotiate what’s underneath your insistence that this world is all about you and what you do, don’t do, have or haven’t done. Uproot any depression at how your life is going based on your own or others’ actions - and become wholly shaped by what is already working and what truly nourishes and sustains you … which you can always rely on.

Energetic integrity

Today’s track helps you to say no to what does not serve you, as an act of strength, without catalysing a further breach of your own ability to be who you are. We do not need to rebel or reject. We need only walk away. Saying no is never a gesture of defiance, law-breaking or an act of violence or aggression. It is the clean break from the inside out: a simple choosing to no longer associate in any way with what does not uplift and match our own highest values.