Freedom, co-ordinates & leaving no trace


Dear all

Freedom is a word much spoken; but rarely is it seen. Religious ideologies offer several different definitions but few approaches index with the body itself; being fully present; and yet leaving no trace.

To understand freedom, we must understand the way of nature, and to understand the way of nature we must understand the relationship between patterns, co-ordinates and experience.

In the moment, even the present disappears. Then we are in the zero-space where no marker is left to build up past or future patterns.

Today’s purification track releases the markers currently forming into definitive co-ordinates of reality, which are shaped by patterns and deny us freedom. Operate spontaneously within the sphere of identity and action and head back towards living more closely with nature itself.


I am always purifying. My tracks take any personal purification deeper and using one enables you to start harnessing your own source connection. Remember that you are also listening for your ancestors and your family line, just as much as for yourself. Listen for yourself or for someone else, naming them silently within at the beginning. Play while you meditate, do things, lie in the bath … until all the words go in without losing awareness or falling asleep. You can also play the recording with the sound turned down in the background, while you are busy or sleeping.

Available for listening online and downloading (via mobile phones, please use DropBox) until Sat Sep 14, 9:30am BST. After this, please purchase below:

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I work entirely by donation. If you would like to show your appreciation for these tracks or send a top-up, you can give something via Quick Donate. Or if the expiry date has passed, you can purchase your own copy.

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