Regime change: perfecting the new normal


Dear all

When things get harder and harder, it is time to stop.

Often you know that something is not right, but you don’t know how to do it any other way. Nevertheless, not doing what you’re doing, even if it doesn’t work, seems even harder. We can be left with the extreme inner meltdown of being stuck, perhaps forever, with what we know is truly wrong …

This painful and contradictory experience comes when we must face, one last time, the fear that we have failed and that this will never change - and put down all effort we’ve been making. Life is not meaningless and it is not all a complete disaster. The vibration has changed and your old life is simply over!

Today’s purification track helps you to truly disengage from what is dragging you down, bearing no fruit and depressing you - however much you may have invested it. Re-group; recalibrate & re-engage according to the new much higher level where you already exist.


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I am always purifying. My tracks take any personal purification deeper and using one enables you to start harnessing your own source connection. Remember that you are also listening for your ancestors and your family line, just as much as for yourself. Play while you meditate, do things, lie in the bath … until all the words go in without losing awareness or falling asleep. Listen for yourself or for someone else, naming them silently within at the beginning. You can also play the recording with the sound turned down in the background, while you are busy or sleeping.

Available for listening online and downloading (via mobile phones, please use DropBox) until Sat Aug 17, 9:30am BST. After this, please purchase below:

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I work entirely by donation. If you would like to show your appreciation for these tracks or send a top-up, you can give something via Quick Donate. Or if the expiry date has passed, you can purchase your own copy.

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