Living with the mystery

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Dear all

The systems of this world presume there is an overarching theory of existence, which once discovered will account for everything and allow us to completely control this universe along with the quality of our lives.

Wouldn’t that be perfect.

We can master the mechanism by which the timeline of our experience infinitely perpetuates - but how that operates and what that is, is far beyond the human mind.

Even truth in most hands is rarely more than just a concept. We are all ultimately improvising, even when we know.

If this is so, in our never-ending quest for the solutions to pain and war; famine and injustice; paying the bills; and wanting just about anything rather than what actually is - would it not be better to accept the mystery and embrace that quest, along with its moments of profound awareness, as something simply mysterious itself, which we will never understand?

Logically, we could say yes. But more accurately, we constantly deny, fight and forget about the mystery, aiming instead to be its arbiter and even its author. Today’s recording puts things back in the right place, allowing us to relax into that greater space where everything is already taken care of; knowing becomes a spontaneous gift of no greater importance than the miracle of the moment; and not knowing is no longer a fear or a worry, but more, the mainstay of our existence.

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