Oracle Girl

embodying more love on this planet


i take every communication and booking request intuitively and on a case-by-case basis


i offer purifications. i am neither a healer nor a medical doctor. i do not cure anything and the outcome of any session or event is not in my hands. if i have a message for you after a remote or an in-person session, this is entirely at my discretion and should be seen as a medicine rather than as direct advice. it is only supplied if the words come forward and it should not be expected. please consult a qualified professional in relation to any medical, legal, financial or business issue you may have and the relevant therapist or councillor for emotional support

discretion & communications security

all session content and electronic communications are entirely confidential. all messages are deleted after our conversation ends and / or bookings are complete

home visits / pop-up

these are impromptu occurrences made entirely at my discretion - which may need to include pick-up or the reimbursement of my travel expenses in addition to your donation

hosting us

this is a gift which will transform you irrevocably and you should have little to no other engagements during our stay. effectively i bring you the purification energy at combined strength of however many 121 sessions and / or groups offered in your space: it is quite likely that you will have issues come up and you should be careful to take conscious time both before and afterwards to rest and reflect. my partner and i will need overnight accommodation, pick-up or reimbursement of travel expenses and a clean space. i will handle all booking arrangements. meanwhile i will not expect a donation from you for any 121 session or group attendance - unless of course you wish to give something

inviting me to give a public talk

you can invite me to give a talk at a suitable public venue or at your home or business address. if you need to hire premises for the talk, you will usually charge a door fee, ensuring that this adequately covers making me a reasonable donation as well as the discharge of all costs incurred. if the event is at home, we will offer it entirely by donation 


when participating in anything i offer i expect you to treat myself and others well. this includes taking responsibility for your own life; speaking well and in a timely manner; causing no harm, injury or personal offence; raising problems directly and immediately with the person concerned; and refraining from malicious speech, gossip and negativity

publicity & social events

many thanks, but i do not do interviews or accept invites to people's homes or gatherings

repeat sessions

my sessions are only available in exchange for a donation and further bookings cannot be made until any previous session has been financially honoured

telephone calls

i do not do calls by mobile phone, landline, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Viber, LINE or Skype. if i make or accept a phone call of any type, this will be entirely at my discretion and i will ask for a donation for my time


website updates

this site is a live document and it is continually updated. please check back regularly for latest information


why i work by donation

the energy of this universe is freely available to all beings without condition. it flows endlessly and is given unlimitedly. in the same way, this work is available to everyone regardless of their financial situation. the energy of life is priceless and beyond value. it is not a commodity. for this reason i make no fixed charge. i leave financial recompense within the sphere of your personal capability so it is open to all

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