Oracle Girl

embodying more love on this planet

"love is all there is. it is the highest purification, the highest initiation"
public talks, group & personal purifications entirely by donation
without love, real change within or without is impossible. when i focus on you, the love at the source of your being embodies, which automatically transmutes personal issues, family patterns & unwanted frequencies. i do this by returning your gaze in-person or by focusing on you by name remotely. all questions get answered or simply fall away. situations reverse or slowly undo. slowly more peace and relaxation comes. you align with your own source connection more deeply. nobody can walk your path for you but help is available. i can make things easier for you and most of all, i am here to remind you that if you ask for help, you will be heard and you will receive assistance 


SUNDAYS@7PM >> FREE weekly 30 min group focus

SILENT IMMERSION >> 1 month tailor-made group & individual focus + group oracle

REMOTE FOCUS >> 1 day tailor-made group & individual focus + group oracle

SPECIAL FOCUS >> 40 min group focus from a place with unique Earth energies + group photo oracle



SILENT FOCUS >> 2 hour day group: individual focus + group / individual oracle

SILENT MEDITATION GROUPS >> 2 hour tailor-made evening group inc individual focus

PUBLIC TALKS >> 2 hour themed topic: individual focus + Q&A

121 SESSIONS >> 40 mins by invitation / special request only

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