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i can focus on anyone: you or someone else; your family; partner, your relationship or job; a friend or acquaintance; a baby, teenager or child; an animal; a house, building or estate; a meeting, surgery, an important day or occasion; or someone alive or dead - known or unknown to you
i already know what you need and the core issue or what most needs to be dealt with right now will be transmuted first. you can briefly add specific issues too if you wish, which will further refine my focus
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simply send in your booking form & donate ahead

send your donation via PayPal or bank transfer clearly labelled REMOTE FOCUS; i will contact you by email, WhatsApp or SMS text when i begin your focus; i contact you again when your session is complete


the figure should feel good; be in proportion to your overall personal finances; and there should be no tension in your body. please note i do not accept session swaps or material items in part donation

how quickly /how long

i will usually begin your session within 4 days of receiving your donation and often quicker. the session itself is normally 2-3 days: i work on you intuitively and as often and as much as i feel to according to your situation


the session is your purification. if i have a message for you, this is entirely at my discretion and should be seen as a medicine rather than as direct advice. it is only supplied if the words come forward and it should not be expected. please consult a qualified professional in relation to any medical, legal, financial or business issue you may have and the relevant therapist or councillor for emotional support


to hydrate well on the day with up to 2 litres of hot or cold water - not juice or tea


read my welcome page so you understand my work and know what is going to happen


it does not matter where you are or what you are doing at the time but you may like to meditate or slow down while the focus is going on

later that day

you will likely feel very tired ... allow plenty of time for rest and reflection. take a full length / foot bath in pink himalayan salt - up to 500g, not epsom, celtic or dead sea salts

what to expect

some feel light, happy, peaceful and energised. others feel little to nothing at the time. it is normal to have mild flu symptoms, feel headache-y and / or have an emotional release at some stage. this is detox; just release of all you no longer need 👍 you only get as much as you can handle at the time and there is nothing wrong!

continuing on

be yourself. you are now reconfiguring: let the process will simply unfold. alkalise your body; realign your spine; clear out your personal possessions; get a house clearing & call a dowser to check your property


you can book a circle of 12, a silent group or a 121 session to go deeper - and until then, attend the next free Sunday session and special focus. you can also re-book a remote focus by sending ahead another donation when you are ready



WHAT DO YOU DO ON THE DAY? i focus on your whole energy by name as part of a list. this means you receive an individual focus at the combined strength of the number of people in the group. this is many more times powerful than if you were receiving an individual focus in a 121 session. if the focus is a house, land or business, i focus on the name & address of that place


DO I NEED TO MENTION ANY ISSUES? no, not unless you wish to. love already knows what to do and the core issue or what most needs to be dealt with right now will be transmuted first
DO I NEED TO GET PERMISSION FOR SOMEONE ELSE? you can ask them or you can include them in your own session if this is not their type of thing


DO YOU FOCUS ON CHILDREN / YOUNG ADULTS & CAN YOU WORK ON PHYSICAL ISSUES? yes,i help with any type of issue: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. i can also focus remotely on anyone of any age
HOW DOES IT WORK? my focus "changes up" lower frequencies in your energy field into more love and what you most need to lose, heal or shift starts to dissolve and fall away
WILL OTHERS BE AFFECTED? undoubtedly yes. when you change so does everyone else around you. as a result of your session both your ancestors and the generations behind you ... plus your immediate family and any children alive or to come  ... will be reconfigured

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