Oracle Girl

embodying more love on this planet

when will there be peace?

there is a great desire for peace on this planet. it will come. if you look around you, you will see that it is already here. peace does not come about through politicians, the right theory or even prayer - though all of these things can help. it is recognising right now, in the midst of you, that it has never gone away

there is a new energy flowing on this planet

which has not been here before. humans call it love and so it might seem old, but in reality, this is a force which has never been witnessed or experienced on Earth. it arrived during the summer of 2016. love energy is conscious transformation for all it touches. you hear the call, find your way to it and then it presents itself to you. almost like a revealing. this love wants to touch so many. it is in you, waiting to be integrated, welcomed and received in the cellular layer. it operates and organizes quite unlike any other energy or substance and is highly sentient, intelligent and formidable: there is nothing it cannot resolve or heal ...

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