Oracle Girl

embodying more love on this planet

a 45 min individual focus by special arrangement
receive your individual focus one-on-one and / or ask for help for another


to hydrate well on the day with up to 2 litres of hot or cold water - not juice or tea


read my welcome page so you understand my work and know what is going to happen. arrive early and meditate beforehand if you can. eat lightly. the session works best if you have been regularly receiving a remote focus and are attending the free Sunday session


i take your hand, look in your eyes and you return my gaze. it doesn't matter if you blink, if you are thinking or if you look at one eye over the other. when i am done i will close my eyes and work on you a little further. i will then ask you if you have anything specific or anyone you want me to focus on


you must give your donation on the day. you can give cash; use a debit or credit card; or send something on the spot by PayPal. the figure should feel good; be in proportion to your overall personal finances; and there should be no tension in your body. please note i do not accept session swaps or material items in part donation

later that day

you will likely feel very tired ... allow plenty of time for rest and reflection. hydrate well and take a full length / foot bath in pink himalayan salt - up to 500g, not epsom, celtic or dead sea salts

what to expect

some feel light, happy, peaceful and energised. others have mild flu symptoms, feel headache-y and / or have an emotional release at some stage. this is detox; just release of all you no longer need 👍 you only get as much as you can handle at the time and there is nothing wrong!

continuing on

be yourself. you are now reconfiguring: let the process simply unfold. alkalise your body; realign  your spine; clear out your personal possessions; get a house clearing & call a dowser to check your property


 you can receive a remote focus and attend the next free Sunday session and / or special focus. you can also book a circle of 12 or a silent group to go deeper

simply BOOK your space & donate on the day

click on the red link beneath the pictures



DO I NEED TO MENTION ANY ISSUES? no, not unless you wish to. the longer the focus the better. love already knows what to do  and the core issue or what most needs to be dealt with right now will be transmuted first


WHY DO TEARS SOMETIMES COME OUT OF YOUR EYES? it is the movement of the energy; your pain purifying. it does not hurt me and i am not upset


DO YOU SEE CHILDREN / YOUNG ADULTS & CAN YOU WORK ON PHYSICAL ISSUES? yes,i help with any type of issue: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. for children & babies the eye contact will be much shorter in this case: probably about a minute. for young adults the session will be similar to an adult one


HOW DOES IT WORK? the light of my eye is highly purifying. my focus "changes up" lower frequencies in your energy field into more love and what you most need to lose, heal or shift starts to dissolve and fall away
WILL OTHERS BE AFFECTED? undoubtedly yes. when you change so does everyone else around you. as a result of your session both your ancestors and the generations behind you ... plus your immediate family and any children alive or to come  ... will be reconfigured

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